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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Ground to ground, to cloud, cloud-to-ground relocation email Easy Link! ?

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Most companies will deploy their own internal e-mail system, while the market is more and more companies choose Microsoft Exchange and were IBM Lotus Notes / Domino. When the software update versions of these e-mail systems, or server hardware is aging, IT staff will think it is time to move the e-mail system. In addition to the relocation to a new server, the will to want to move to the top of the cloud email services.
The ground-means to buy a new server, e-mail system to move from the old to the new server; to cloud refers to the old e-mail system to move to the cloud e-mail services; and finally cloud-to-ground and ground to cloud the opposite will move back into the cloud email services company e-mail system, which depends on the company's circumstances.
Complex migration process
We looked over the relocation of the type of e-mail systems, whether they think the beginning of a headache, if you have to move through the Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft Office 365 experience, then, the first step must be to learn the more complex instructions, the test will be able to move to the cloud email Therefore, the need to spend a lot of time to complete this project.
Before I have to teach everyone from the old system to move Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2010 system , whose main purpose will be the user login name and password, e-mail addresses are the same as with the old system, so that users do not need to reset any settings. Although the move to be completed on the Exchange interface, but also require multiple steps to complete, if not learned, then feel very troublesome.
Binary Tree Introduction
We have not thought of using payment options to solve the difficult move e-mail system? Therefore, I visited last month, Binary Tree APJ director, James Yip, is a system designed to provide enterprises with the relocation of foreign e-mail software company, founded in 1993 in the United States, there is already a global multinational companies, The main is to make the relocation process is no longer complicated, reducing stress administrator.
This software also supports Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 and IBM Lotus Notes / Domino, the relocation strategy to achieve the two platforms to communicate with each other, make the impossible into reality, here are two versions of supported platforms:
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
Microsoft Office 365
IBM Lotus Notes / Domino
Domino 7.0
Domino 8.5
Domino 9
1. E2E Express - The Microsoft Exchange mailboxes moved to another Microsoft Exchange mailboxes in or migrate onto Microsoft Office 365, but does not support the Public Folder. Because a reasonable price relationship for SMEs.
2. E2E Complete - and E2E Express are that it can notify the user of that time were the mailbox move, assuming that the user selects a promise that when the time will automatically help the user move the mailbox to full automation. Because of the need to install SQL database, all the relocation of recording information to its database, administrators can generate reports to check how many users have not agreed to relocate or mailbox.
Binary Tree_E2E
3. CMT for Exchange - the IBM Lotus Notes / Domino to Microsoft Exchange 2013 mailbox move or Microsoft Office 365. Because the two platforms are not the same as the format of the relationship, which the software can help us to format consistency, such as email addresses, e-mail within the "Red Label" and calendars and more. The most interesting is the Domino address book and the Outlook address book can also be integrated to the relocation.
4. CMT for Coexistence - we saw the name of the software to know its function, and can also provide the Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 and IBM Lotus Notes / Domino coexistence, this way can synchronize data, then why do it? Suppose there is a large enterprise to IBM Lotus Notes / Domino to move to Microsoft Exchange 2013, but since users need time to adapt, for example, user login, email format, calendars and applications and so on, so this is a long period of relocation , coexistence is also one of the most effective methods.
Notes to Exchange Architeture


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