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Friday, 9 January 2015

Windows 7 Direct Download Links, Official Disk Images from Digital River

Windows 7 Direct Download Links, Official Disk Images from Digital River:

'via Blog this' - Need some speed? - Reload Windows 7 on your Laptop and see it fly. Windows 8 sucks.

Windows 7

Digital River is Microsoft's service provider for e-commerce. Basically every product that Microsoft sells in their online stores worldwide is delivered via the Digital River servers. You'll find the full list of all available Windows 7 disk images here, in many languages, both with and without SP1 integrated, both 32 and 64 bit versions.

Important Note August 2014

Microsoft is retiring the previous download servers, and Some downloads have been moved to the Azure storage on At this point it is not clear whether the listed downloads will be available long term. We always keep the link list up to date.

Images with SP1 Media Refresh now available

Whereas there are already a lot of websites providing download links to Windows 7 RTM DVD ISO images, the links for the updated versions that have an integrated Service Pack 1 are brand new. Using a scraping script to browse the files on the Digital River servers, we came across these new ISO images more or less by a lucky guess. The advantage of the new images is an up to date Windows installation right after the initial setup, without the need to download and install hundreds of updates afterwards. If you just need the downloads, you can scroll down. If you need further information, please read on here.
Microsoft released updated media refresh images in May 2011. They have the post SP1 hotfix KB2534111 integrated as well. The original versions of the SP1 integrated DVDs don't allow any non ASCII characters when assigning the computer name, which has been fixed with this update.


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