How to move your mail infrastructure away from Lotus Notes

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Setting up a BT mail migration lab - Part 1 - Overview

Here are some tips and hints when setting up a Binary Tree Mail Migration lab to test software.

This is work in progress and will be regularly updated  
*your mileage may vary.


There are a few software options available when setting up a lab and you can easily mix and match to best suit requirements.
  • VMware Workstation - Expensive and resource hungry
  • VMware player - Can't create a machine but other than that all good.
  • VMware ESX or Vsphere - Very expensive
  • Virtualbox - Free!
  • HyperV - Who knows
  • QEMU - Free!
I need to setup several environments to run lab tests on the Binary Tree product sets. This can get rather complex as some of the labs will overlap using resources such as the DC's from other labs.

Binary Tree has a number of software packages to help you migrate from one mail system to another including moving from version to version and to the O365 cloud.

The primary products the Labs need to support is:-

* I will stick to the name Lotus Notes & Domino - IBM Notes & Domino had so little traction it is not worth considering and leaves a bad taste in the mouth as IBM is killing it softly. - My opinion

 In addition there are several components in each product set or standalone components that are significant.

The main components of the Labs:-
  • Domain Controllers - AD - Windows 2012 / Windows 2008 / Windows 2003
  • Exchange 2013 / Exchange 2010 / Exchange 2007 / Exchange 2003
  • Domino 6 / 7 / 8 and for those odd occasions 9

The E2E lab would typically be:-


  • 1 DC Windows 2012 / Exchange 2013
  • 1 Exchange 2010
  • 1 Exchange 2007
  • 1 E2E / SmartDirsync – that’s where you will install E2E and SMART Dirsync in your lab (to sync forest B to forest A users)


  • 1 DC Windows 2003 / Exchange 2003
  • 1 DC Windows 2008 R2 / Exchange 2007

The CMTc / CMTe Labs would typically be:-

Single Domain/Forest - ACME.COM
  • 1 DC Windows 2012 / Exchange 2013
  • 1 Domino server 2008 R2, Domino 8 or 9, 2 partitions (1 Domino mail server, 1 to use for Domino coexistence server)
  • 1 Windows 2012 – that’s where you will install Smart Dirsync and Windows Coexistence servers
  • 1 Windows 7 workstation for CMTe Controller
  • 1 Windows 7 workstation for CMTe worker


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