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Friday, 9 January 2015

Cloning Active Directory Domain Controllers with Windows Server 2012 » Adrian Costea's blog

Cloning Active Directory Domain Controllers with Windows Server 2012 » Adrian Costea's blog:

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With Windows Server 2012, you now have the option to clone domain controllers. You no longer need to install a fresh copy of an operating system, and run dcpromo. By simply using a PowerShell command you prepare that domain controller for cloning, and when you power on the cloned domain controller it will have a different name, different IP address etc base on a configuration file created by that PowerShell command.
Some prerequisites are necessary for the cloning procedure to be successful:
At least two domain controllers need to be already present in your environment, so go ahead and create an additional 2012 domain controller that will be our machine for testing this. The source VM, the one you prepare to be cloned and that is a domain controller, cannot be hosting the PDC Emulator operations master role. For this guide, the domain controller used for cloning (Server-DC2.vkernel.local) will not hold any FSMO roles.
First thing to do before cloning the server is to add the source domain controller (the one we are going to prepare for cloning) to theCloneable Domain Controllers security group, in Active Directory. If you don’t do it, the PowerShell command that creates the configuration file for cloning will fail.
The domain controller that results from the cloning procedure will be located in the same site as the source domain controller.


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